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Betting on College Basketball in the Volunteer State

NCAA basketball is a big deal in the Volunteer state, and now sports fans across Tennessee can finally place bets on their favorites throughout the season. Whether you come from a long line of Vols or you’re looking to cheer on the next team from Vanderbilt, you’ll have plenty of options for placing your bets.

While the state of Tennessee is ironing out the legalities and implementing regulations for their newly-passed sports betting law, you can take the time to learn all about betting on NCCA basketball games so that you’re ready when the sportsbooks go live. The new law allows Tennessee sports fans and gamblers to place bets with online sportsbooks that are open to U.S. residents. Some existing sportsbooks are just waiting on the regulations to go live, so it’s only a matter of time before you can start placing your bets.

NCAAB betting tennessee

How Can I Bet on NCAA Basketball?

Like NBA basketball, spreads, moneyline bets, and props bets are the most popular options for placing sports bets. Of course, unlike the NBA, players aren’t going to play at half-power or otherwise sabotage the odds with their own decisions or regular season actions. That means that you’ll get more even lines and a better chance of actually hitting a win.

Spread options are plentiful in the NCAA, but college sports do see plenty of uneven matchups throughout the season. That means that spreads will typically be higher and over/under bets are less reliable than they may be in professional leagues. Props bets are usually the most popular in college sports simply because there are so many options and the odds are better even if the winnings are smaller.

Betting on March Madness

The NCAA March Madness tournament is known around the world as one of the most popular basketball events of the season. This 64-team tournament involves single-elimination games that are sold as being more chaotic than they actually are. When you look beyond the hype, you’ll see that previous NCAA tournament records are actually quite predictable for the most part.

What sets this tournament apart is the fact that one bad game can send a great team packing. Therefore, there is never an odds-on favorite like there is in other sports. This league is where longshots are made, which can change the world of betting entirely.

Like all NCAA basketball betting, the March Madness games and the tournament itself include a number of different prop bets. You can even bet on something as simple as how many SEC champions will get to the tournament this season. With all of the teams and games, the sheer volume of options is what makes March Madness so desirable among sports bettors and oddsmakers.

The Bottom Line

If you are familiar with NBA betting NCAA basketball is fairly similar. The shorter seasons, shorter games, and March Madness tournament present a lot of opportunities for upset, but they also have plenty of more reliable prop bets, round robins, and other betting options available. Now that you know more, you’ll be ready to put your money on your Volunteers as soon as betting goes live in Tennessee.