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Betting on MLB Games in Tennessee

Major League Baseball fans in Tennessee can add even more enjoyment to their games by engaging in sports betting. As of 2019, online sports betting has been legalized in the state and gives gamblers a whole new way to enjoy the game. When it comes to something like betting on MLB games, there are a lot of options for winning. The season is only about six months long, but there are as many as 2,400 games played per season, offering plenty of room for wagers.

Keep in mind that online sportsbooks all have different offerings. They may not all provide the same wagers or the maximum available wagers. MLB betting is also something that takes a little more discipline. Of course, MLB odds and other factors will determine exactly how much you can win, but there are plenty of ways to play.

MLB betting in Tennessee

Popular Bets

Over/Under Totals

MLB games generally score 7-10 runs per game. Half-run increments are offered for the sake of betting. This is a simple, straightforward over/under bet that allows you to choose whether the total runs in the game will be over or under the posted total set by oddsmakers. In addition to the total, payout odds are factored into each wager in this type of bet.

Prop Bets

One of the most popular options for small bets in a number of sports, props bets are popular when betting on MLB games. These props can include all kinds of statistics, from ERAs to errors, RBIs, and more. Even whether or not a player will hit a home run can be a single prop bet in a game. You simply bet on the props that you like, or the ones with the odds that you prefer. You may not win as much, but the odds of winning are higher with these smaller bets.


In most sportsbooks, the moneyline is one of the most common bets. It may not be the most popular or have the best odds of all of the available bets, but it is the one that people are familiar with. These bets are based on the lines that are posted by oddsmakers, including a favorite and an underdog, allowing you to choose your favorites. Starting pitchers will be posted, which is a variable that can change the game entirely and should be considered in any bet.

Runline Wagers

A simple betting option for MLB games, the runline allows people to bet on the winner of the game. It’s similar to a spread bet, but it is a simple over/under wager. It’s always got a posted favorite rating of –1.5, which means a payout needs at least two runs to win. Like the moneyline, starting pitcher information is included as that can seriously affect the game and its odds.

Series Bets

Many sportsbooks offer an option to bet on an entire game series. MLB seasons are usually played in series of 3 or more games. Lines posted are based on a two-out-of-three win. Typically, two-game series are not allowed to be wagered on. Games that are postponed or suspended will result in returned bets. Otherwise, you win if your team wins the majority of games in a series.

Where Can I Place My Bets?

MLB betting and other sportsbook betting has recently been legalized in the state of Tennessee. Most places may not be set up for betting by residents from the state yet, but it will only be a matter of time before regulations are put into place and websites start accepting residents. By taking the time to learn the options ahead of time, you’ll be ready to make the most of your betting on MLB games.