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Betting on MLS Games in Tennessee

While there are many soccer leagues around the world, the MLS is perhaps one of the most exciting. It is also the most well-known among soccer fans in the U.S., including Tennesseans that are new to the world of sports betting. As of 2019, residents of the state can now engage in legal online sports betting, including betting on MLS games and other odds.

Even though there are only about 34 games played per team, per season, there are still hundreds of different bets that can be placed. Of course, betting on these games requires more than just basic knowledge of MLS odds. You also have to consider team form, which isn’t as big of a factor in other sports. MLS odds also favor the home team more often than not.

MLS betting in Tennessee

How to Place Bets on MLS Games

MLS odds, like other sports betting odds, are based on a standard plus/minus 100 odds, with positive wins netting a larger gain and negative wins meaning you’ll win less per bet. In addition to standard odds calculations, odds are factored into each type of bet that can be placed, and those odds need to be considered whenever you are placing a wager.

If you are new to betting on MLS games, you can start with simple over/under bets that allow you to choose whether a certain point total will be reached. Like most sports, this is one of the easiest ways to wager on professional games. For example, if a game is posted with a total score of four points and you put your money on the over vote, you’ll win if they score five or more goals total.

Spread bets are used in soccer, as they are in many sports. These are basic bets based on a favorite and their odds of winning with a specific points spread. For example, a team may be listed as the favorite with a points spread of three, which means that you can choose to bet that the favorite wins or loses by three points.

The moneyline bet is another easy option that lets bettors simply pick a winner based on the posted lines and odds. The MLS does account for draws, unlike other sports, so this will be a three-line betting option that accounts for the potential draw.

Other MLS Betting Tips and Insight for New Bettors

American bettors, including residents of Tennessee, can wager on many of the same bets and stats as those offered in international soccer leagues. Totals, prop bets, cards, three-way spread, and the Asian Handicap are all popular wagering options. Now that people in more states have access to sports betting and the MLS continues to grow in popularity, there will likely be even more options in the future.

Some games offer as many as 200 different bets, with all prop bets factored in. If you’re familiar with playing styles and MLS team formations, you can often find some good prop bets, such as over/under on corners. Tennessee residents will also now have the option to bet on MLS futures, choosing a champion for the MLS cup and award winners. Futures can be more profitable in soccer than in other sports.