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Betting on NFL Games in Tennessee

The time has finally come when Tennessee residents can get in on the gambling action with their very own Titans (or other favorite NFL teams). Under the new law, online sports betting is now legal utilizing both in-state and other domestic online sportsbooks. Since the law was just passed in July 2019, regulations are still being developed and the recommended advisory council to oversee NFL and other sports betting is still being assembled. Therefore, players might not make it into the 2019 NFL season, but there’s definitely hope for next year.

NFL betting in Tennessee

How Can I Bet on NFL Games?

As stated, the state is still developing guidelines and regulations surrounding exactly what sports betting will entail for Tennessee residents. It is fairly safe to assume, however, that betting options will be similar to those offered currently. Typically, NFL betting involves moneylines, spreads, over/under bets, and prop bets.

The easiest bet in the NFL (and any sport, for that matter), is the under/over bet. This allows you to bet on the points instead of the teams, so there are no favorite or underdog odds to add into your wagers. Instead, an over/under points total will be published by the oddsmakers before the game. There are a number of factors involved in points scoring, but the average NFL game scores a total of 30-60 points between the two teams. Your bet is on whether the total will actually be over or under the posted total.

Moneyline bets are very common. This is just a matter of picking which team is going to win the game based on the posted odds. You do have to consider the underdog and favorite rankings, of course, because you might have to bet more to win. For example, if you’re betting on the Titans at a –200, you’ll have to wager $200 just to win $100. However, if you get the Titans at a +150, you’ll win $150 when you wager $100.

Keep in mind that not all sportsbooks offer the moneyline. Some might not release it until after the spread, either, so while it is a common bet, it may not always be available when you want it.

Prop bets allow you to bet on various statistics throughout the game. These are usually best-suited for live betting but can be done in just about any circumstance. The type of game and its time slot can greatly impact the number of available prop bets, with many games having close to 100 or more possible options.

The most popular choice for those who bet on NFL games is the spread. This allows players to choose a favorite by points totals, with most limiting the range to 15 points. While spreads are popular because they create balance among rivals, they are also subject to late-game drama or points earned just for the sake of beating the posted spread, so there is some vulnerability to consider.

The Bottom Line

Online sportsbooks make it fairly simple to bet on NFL games. When it comes to NFL betting, Tennessee residents are next in line and these are the things you should keep in mind if you want to make the most of your online sports betting and beat the NFL odds.