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Betting on NHL Games in Tennessee

There are a lot of opportunities for winning big when you bet on NHL games. There are more than 1,200 games in the average season, not including any championships or playoffs that may take place. That means that there are plenty of options for props bets and other types of sports bets. Many of the options found in the NHL are similar to those found in other sports, while there are a few lines that only apply to hockey.

In order for any NHL game to qualify for sportsbooks, it must run for at least 55 minutes of regular gameplay. In the event that this does not happen, the lines are ruled “no action” and all bets are returned to the bettors. This is the major hard-and-fast rule for NHL games, and is important to keep in mind when placing your bets.

NHL betting in Tennessee

NHL Betting Options

Like all sports, the NHL offers totals and moneyline betting. The moneyline replaces the point spread in hockey, allowing bettors to simply pick the winner of the game based on odds and the posted favorites. This is popular among amateurs due to its simplicity. Plus, with NHL scores being so low, games may be more predictable than in other leagues, making it easier to decide on a potential winner before placing your bets.

Totals betting in the NHL works the same as it does in any sportsbook bet. There will be posted totals for all weekly games, based on a total of both teams’ points scored during the game. You will place your bet as to whether the total will actually be over or under the posted point total. Totals betting is fairly common and another popular option among amateurs. It may be harder to nail down the odds, though.

One bet that is unique to hockey is the Puck Line bet. This combines a traditional spread bet with the moneyline. The premise is simple: the favorite team has to win by two or more goals or lose by one goal. If they do, you win your bet. These bets do favor the oddsmakers, of course, so they are less popular than some other betting options. They are ideal for those comfortable with spread bets and looking for a new way to wager.

The Grand Salami offers another option for NHL betting. This bet is unique to the NHL and is essentially a giant over/under bet based on all of the games played in a single day. Oddsmakers will determine a grand total for points based on the day’s games, and wagers will be placed as to whether the actual total will be over or under that number. It can be challenging to determine a total number of points for a full day’s NHL games, so it might be best to leave this bet to the more experienced.

Prop betting is less common in hockey. It is available in some sportsbooks, but not all of them will have the option. Futures betting allows bettors to pick favorites for the Stanley Cup and various NHL league awards and NHL odds in postseason games.