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How to Play Online Poker in Tennessee

Online poker is more popular than ever. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can play great simulated and live games of poker from just about anywhere. Some games even let people bet real money in states where it is legal, such as Nevada and New Jersey. Currently, Tennessee prohibits online gambling where real money is wagered. However, they did just approve legislation to legalize sports betting in the state, so there may be hope for the future. For now, Tennessee players looking to pick up an online game should stick to the free play sites for the best results.

Online Poker in Tennessee

Tennessee Poker Types

As with most states, Tennessee poker fans generally choose Hold’Em, Omaha, or Stud games. Each has its own rules and gameplay, with various similarities and differences. Learning the basics can improve your chances of success.

The game of Hold’Em in Tennessee is the same as it is just about anywhere. Standard Texas Hold’Em rules apply and include:

  • Gameplay can have no limits, pot limits, or fixed limits.
  • Players must create the best five-card hand using their two “hole” cards and the face-up cards in the dealer pile.
  • There are three rounds of dealing in Texas Hold’Em after the initial player deal. There are four rounds of betting, which take place after each deal.

A standard game format would be player deal, initial bet, flop card deal (3 cards face up), second bet, turn card deal, bet, river card deal, final bets.

Omaha is a variation of Texas Hold’Em. This game follows many of the same rules as those listed above, although there are some changes to the gameplay. With Omaha in Tennessee, players are given four cards instead of two. These games also tend to have pot limit or fixed limit regulations. While Texas Hold’Em allows players to create a hand with any card combination, Omaha requires players to use exactly two hole cards and three face-up cards.

A lot of players also enjoy playing Stud in Tennessee, with 7-card Stud Poker being the most popular choice. This game shares the same ultimate goal of creating the best hand, but the rules of doing so are quite different. For starters, stud games usually have a fixed limit. Players also get seven cards (as the name implies), or five cards in the 5-card stud variation.

For the gameplay, players are dealt two face-down cards and one face-up card to begin. Then, initial bets are placed. Second round dealing gives each player three more cards, which are placed face-up for other players to see. Betting follows the second deal, and then a third round of cards are dealt so that all players have seven cards available. After the third bet, there is one final face-down deal and a final round of betting. Then, players will reveal their cards to determine the winner.

Benefits of Online Poker in Tennessee

You might be thinking that playing online poker is pointless since you can’t win real money in the state of Tennessee. However, you would be thinking incorrectly. While you can’t hit a big cash jackpot, you can have a lot of fun playing online poker. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being good at bluffing because you can’t see the other players. If nothing else, it’s a great way to brush up on your skills for the next visit to the casino.