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MMA and UFC Betting in Tennessee

MMA and UFC betting is part of the newly-legalized online sports betting available to residents of Tennessee. Although there aren’t any major events going on through the rest of 2019, it’s a good time to brush up on betting best practices and what you need to know to make the most of your MMA bets.

With the billions of dollars being funneled into illegal sports betting throughout the U.S., states like Tennessee are looking to create a legal way to capitalize on gambling profits by legalizing online and land-based sports betting. In Tennessee, the newly-passed law only sets provisions for online sports betting, so keep that in mind.

MMA betting in Tennessee

MMA Betting Options

MMA and UFC fights are generally similar in nature, which is why we’ve categorized them on the same page. There are plenty of ways to wager on various UFC events and MMA fights, including the standard winner pick. Odds will be posted when a favorite is chosen, allowing you to bet on whether the favorite will win or lose the match. The amount that you win depends on the specific UFC odds posted for the fight.

In this case, it’s harder to win when you bet on the positive, but it will garner a bigger profit. For example, if you have a fighter with a –150, you’ll have to bet $150 just to win $100 back on your wager. If their line is +150, you’ll win $150 for each $100 you bet. It’s fairly standard across all sports, so it’s also a popular choice among bettors.

Other MMA betting options are available, of course. Since this is less like other sports, the types of bets are going to vary a little. Aside from the standard winner bet discussed above, the only other similar bet is the total rounds option. This bet allows you to bet over or under on the duration of the fight, or how many rounds it takes to complete. Again, the lines will be posted by oddsmakers and then bettors simply put their money on the fight going over or under the allocated rounds.

Round betting allows a little more detail on your wager if you want it. In this option, you will choose the fighter who wins and the round that ends the match. You need to get both options right in order to win this bet, which makes it more complex. However, if you’re feeling lucky or you have a solid grip on fighter stamina and fight history, it might payoff big time.

The final option for MMA betting is the winning move bet. This allows bettors to choose the winning fighter and the method that ends the fight. Usually, any move is allowed to be wagered, but oddsmakers will post their lines with the most likely outcomes and potential MMA odds to consider in your decision. You can decide whether a fight will end via knockout, submission, or any other means.

Wrapping Up

You might not be able to bet on any MMA games right away, but now you’ll be prepared when the opportunity does present itself. If you want to take advantage of your free time until the next fight season, check out online free play sites where you can brush up on your skills with MMA fantasy leagues and other virtual events.